The clue is in the name. At ace x friends media, we leverage the best of the fashion, lifestyle and influencer communities to offer an innovative approach to media. Having grown up from the creative-minded global content platform FIZZY MAG to a full-fledged creative agency, not only are we firmly rooted in the market, but we have developed a wide-reaching influence over it.

Emphasis on the 'influence.' Years-fluent in social networking, we are proud to offer a powerful network of influencers, trendsetters and trailblazers – an essential communication tool in today's digital landscape. But that's not all. Planting the seeds for the growth of your brand, our broad expertise also includes branding and consulting, content marketing and copywriting, as well as our FIZZY MAG-exclusive advertising services. Our entire portfolio is united in an attention-grabbing format that's ripe for the picking of your target market.

How do we do it? We take our dedicated and experienced team of product managers, marketing professionals, graphic artists, social media gurus, content creators, event managers and video producers and add your specifications to build fresh advertising concepts as unique as your brand DNA and your customer's fingerprints.

Our Services

Tap into our marketing know-how. We offer strong solutions to mix and match.


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